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From Anxiety, Insecurity and Avoidance, To Calm, Confidence and Courage

Anxiety, insecurity and avoidance are just some of the feelings and patterns of behaviour that can get in your way of having the inner calm and confidence, and the courage to be your Authentic Self, and to live the life that is aligned with who you really are.

Learn how to overcome old patterns and blocks,

to not just find your center, but to live from your center;

to be your Authentic Self,

to pursue your passion, to create from your gift,

to live your Best Life.


Tranquil Mind Courageous Heart shows you:

  • the key steps to changing those patterns;

  • how to connect with your center, your Authentic Self;

  • how to clear the habitual thoughts and feelings that get in your way;

  • how to create a life from a place of Authentic Alignment.


Tranquil Mind, Courageous Heart is not currently open for registration; sign up for updates and to know when registration will open next!

This 12 week program will teach you how:

  • to be the person you really know you are;
  • to live in a way that is true to your Authentic Self;
  • to realize your goals and your true potential.

Learn how to:

  • calm anxious thoughts and feelings,
  • focus, ground and centre yourself in the here-and-now,
  • free yourself from old patterns,
  • connect with, and live from, your inner, Authentic Self
Previously, this program was a live, in-person, workshop.                       
Three full-day workshops in 3 months, with coaching available between workshops.

Participants had four weeks to practice what they learned in each workshop before going to the next step.

Then I had to modify it to four full days of teaching, demonstration, practice and coaching to fit all the material in.

Now I'm offering it online, with a "new & improved" format.

Those four days are broken down into three Modules.
You don't have to commit to more than you want to, or can.
  • You can take each Module one at a time.
  • You can pay as you go.
  • You take all the time you need to practice the skills you learn in each Module, before going to the next level.
  • You have ongoing access to a private Facebook group just for this program, where I will answer any questions you have and coach you in overcoming obstacles.


Learn how to:

  • Connect
  • Ground, 
  • Center yourself, and 
  • Use the power of heart energy to calm your mind.



Discover your ability to:

  • Change your thoughts;
  • Change your feelings;
  • Change your energy;
  • How to truly be in the present moment.



Re-align with your Authentic Self

  • Let go of old, negative patterns;
  • Make courageous choices and act on them;
  • Create a new life program that is based in being authentic with courage, clarity and confidence.


This is not about changing who you are;

it's about becoming  who you really are.

Lifelong Tools for the Journey

When you enroll in this program you benefit from 30 years' experience of personal and professional work on developing

  • inner peace,
  • clarity of mind, and
  • a way of being in the world that is congruent with your true, Authentic Self.

You will learn a range of skills that will become lifelong tools - not just to manage but to overcome anxious thoughts, negative feelings and self-defeating patterns of behaviour


4-Day live in-person workshop $950.00

Online program - for the same content - was  $747.00


The introductory offer price was $450.00.

But I want as many people as possible to benefit from this, especially during this extended Covid time. Whether this is a time of anxiety for you, a time of transition, or a time of becoming conscious you need to make changes in your life, or to take better care of yourself, or to commit to that personal growth, I want you to feel that you take take this opportunity I have decided to offer it for $297.00 for a limited time, if you sign up before


Now you have the option to pay for each module one at a time, for $125.00 each. You can try it out, not feel any pressure. That's still only $375.00 for the whole program!


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Tranquil Mind, Courageous Heart is not currently open for registration; sign up for updates and to know when registration will open next!

Transform your Life

This program is more than a roadmap; it's like a manual that you can go back to, over and over again, to remember the steps and reinforce the skills. that will transform your life.

Find your way back to your core, inner Self; find your path forward with Authenticity.

Not only will you learn techniques and strategies you can use every day;                                   

you will learn a failsafe step-by-step process you can go to any time you feel thrown off by insecurity, anxiety or avoidance, self-doubt, or self-defeating behaviour.

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Tranquil Mind, Courageous Heart is not currently open for registration; sign up for updates and to know when registration will open next!


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